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Copper Special Alembics, located in Castelo de Paiva, is a company dedicated to the manufacture of pieces in copper, brass and other materials. The highlight goes to the still, from which drinks such as Whiskey, Vodka, Rum and Gin are produced. António Gonçalves, manager of the company, followed in the footsteps of his father, who worked in this art, and created this project in 2007.

 Copper Special Alembics is a company dedicated to the manufacture of stills in copper and other metals. Tell us a little more about this project and how its journey has been guided.

Copper Special Alembics manufactures parts in copper, brass and other materials. This project started in 2007, step by step, until today, always focusing on quality and innovation.

Point out the characteristics that distinguish your company in the market and what are the most requested products? Does Portugal consume a lot of these very specific products?

The characteristics that distinguish us in the market are the quality and dedication with which we design and work each product, always with the aim of satisfying our customers around the world. Because, for us, customer satisfaction is our priority. For this reason, every day we strive more and more to ensure that the quality of our products makes a difference in the market.

Do orders also arrive from other countries?

Our market is mostly foreign, and copper stills of various models are the products we sell the most to markets such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, among others.

Explain the importance of training workers for this type of art? How has the company’s performance been in this context, since they are a reference in the manufacture of copper stills?

The qualification of our employees is essential for us to continue to be a reference in the market and to maintain the quality to which our customers are accustomed. We mostly work outside the country, 99.9 percent of production travels from Castelo de Paiva to the whole world, and it is the name of the Copper Special Alembics and Portugal that we follow in our products.

What will be the company’s growth strategy and what are the main ambitions for the coming years?

The company’s growth strategy for the coming years will be to continue with innovation and ever-improving quality. The ambitions for the future will depend on us continuing with the same dedication and commitment that we have imprinted in our work until today, as this is the only way we can grow more and more.

A big thank you to all our customers for continuing to trust Copper Special Alembics all these years.



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