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Termd and Conditions Page

1- Purpose and scope of application

In this section you will see the terms and conditions that regulate the process of buying and selling products between the user and Cooper-special-alembics.
Establishing the principles of access and use of this website as well as the regulation directed to the purchase and sale made in the online store, between the customer and our company, applying to all visitors to our website, as well as any commercial transaction carried out on the our online store.

Browsing this site and purchasing any of the available products implies acceptance of the defined and explained terms and conditions.

The same terms may be subject to change without prior notice, reserving the same right to change, modify the information and commercial offer at any time, publishing any changes on the official website

The Customer must provide the company with an e-mail address or postal code, data relating to another form of contact, which are correct and complete and accepts that the company may contact him using this data, if he deems it appropriate, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

2 – Information regarding the contents of the store

The site is intended for private use, therefore, the reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of store contents without prior authorization.

3- Commercial Policy

The photographs presented are merely illustrative, so reading the description of the respective products is not waived.
4- Obligations to customers

Any visitor to the site is obliged to comply with and respect the general conditions:

Save and not provide personal data and access to our website in order to prevent third parties from accessing our website;
Grant personal data and correct addresses facilitating the delivery of requested orders;

The customer is responsible for the veracity of the personal data provided, committing to communicate any changes;

The company is not responsible for any delay in the processing of orders arising from the provision of incorrect data by the data communicated by the customer, namely at the time of delivery.

5- Product availability, order confirmation/cancellation

The order is only processed after payment confirmation;
Dispatch and delivery of orders is carried out only on working days, so any delay in relation to the expected delivery date does not entitle to compensation;
The satisfaction of all orders placed through the site is subject to the availability of the products, thus reserving the right not to accept or cancel any orders already confirmed for products that do not have stock; In case of unavailability or out of stock, the company undertakes to inform the customer of the partial or total cancellation of his order, proceeding with the choice of another product or the refund.

6- Payment conditions and security guarantees

Payment methods are available on our website, so no other payment method is available.

7 – Security of the online store and all transactions

All information regarding payment is encrypted, from the initial moment of your transaction until the moment of processing your purchase, for this reason, the company cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered as a result of the use of data in electronic and communication means. ;

8 – Prices

To the prices shown on the website will be added the value of the postage that will be shown at the time you finalize your purchase;
The constant values are presented in €, so they may change depending on the country of our visitor, the same happens with regard to the cost of postage;

9 – Shipping and delivery of products

All products will be shipped and delivered only on working days from Monday to Friday;
Delivery is considered to have taken place from the moment there is a delivery signature at the agreed address;

10 – Deadline for delivery of orders

After registering your order and confirming the respective payment, safeguarding the availability of all products, the company undertakes to deliver within 10 to 20 working days;
The company is not responsible for any non-compliance or delay that results from force majeure, that is, an event, act or omission that results from something outside its control.

11 – Product Exchanges and Returns

If you decide to return the purchased products, the company reserves the right not to accept the products if the parts are not in their original state or if they are damaged;
Upon receipt of the order, the customer has 14 days to return or exchange the item in question if it is not defective or does not conform to the products previously ordered;

2 – Cancellation of orders

Before shipping, the customer can cancel his order;
If this is not possible, as it has already been dispatched, the customer must refuse to receive it and activate the means of return;
When the return is confirmed, the money back will be processed;

13- Responsibility

The company is only liable for damages suffered by the customer if they result from violations attributable to the company’s contractual obligations towards the customer, or if the liability results from the applicable legal law;

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